Misalignment Museum

201 Guerrero Street, San Francisco  

Open to Public Thursdays/Fridays 4pm-7pm; Saturdays 2pm-5pm 

Private tours upon request 

Misalignment Museum is currently scheduled to run until 1 May 2023. We are actively building our founding donor base to make a permanent exhibit, programming/events and more availability to the public.

Contact a@misalignmentmuseum.com  

The Misalignment Museum imagines a post-apocalyptic world where AGI has already destroyed most of humanity, then realizing this was bad, created this museum as a memorial and apology to the remaining humans. It is an art installation with the purpose of increasing knowledge about Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and its power for destruction and good. Our goal is to create a space to reflect on the technology itself and think critically about Artificial Intelligence and its implications. Our hope is to inspire and build support to formulate and enact risk mitigation measures we can take to ensure a positive future as AI continues to develop, and in the advent of AGI.


The development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has dramatically accelerated scientific and technological advancement, and is rapidly bringing humanity to an unfamiliar future. As a society, we are becoming more beholden to interfacing with machines to operate and to make decisions that affect people’s lives (e.g. computer aided decision-making in healthcare, criminal justice, lending). If this technology is not developed thoughtfully in alignment with human life, it could destabilize civilization and even lead to a destruction of humanity. It also has enormous potential to radically improve life and evolve civilization.

We are in a position to have a huge impact on the future of humanity through developing the technology and the appropriate safeguards against misaligned goals in artificial intelligence to harness its amazing possibilities. 

We hope to elevate public discourse and understanding of this powerful technology to inspire thoughtful collaboration, appropriate regulatory environment, and progress towards a hopeful, vibrant future.